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Which rod for Jerkbait ?

Because the jerkbait is a rather large lure that needs to be animated, it also needs a specific equipment. Therefore, in order to easily use a jerkbait, it is imperative to know how to choose a rod. The choice can be influenced by different factors. That’s why it’s important to be well informed before making a purchase.

The size of the rod

Jerkbait fishing has certain constraints because the effectiveness of the lure depends considerably on the quality of the rod. Of course, the rod will do most of the work, but the jerkbait also has a part to play. This implies that these two tools must be complementary.

In order to use the jerkbait correctly, the length of the rod plays an important role. In this case, a short rod with a length of 1.80-2 m is more appropriate. In order for the lure to make the desired swim, its action must also be hard enough and sharp enough. As for the tip, it must be stiff. The strength of the rod is always a priority, but it can also depend on the type of fish you plan to catch with the jerkbait.

A sturdy material

In addition to the length of the rod, its sturdiness is also a must. For the type of big lure like jerkbait, it is especially essential to have a sturdy reel and a large diameter braid. The strength is the parameter that frames the choice here. So, for a resistance close to 50 Ib, 25/100 is a minimum. It should be noted that the lure can undergo heavy loads and break at the slightest shock or weight.

It’s important to have big braids because it also gives you more lift. This makes it easier to slow down the descent of the jerkbait. For the most powerful fishing, it is advisable to have a braid in 4 strands for example. After all, it also depends on the type of jerkbait you are going to use or the type of fish you want to catch. But the solidity of the whole is always to be prioritized in any case.

Power and length

The power of the rod also plays an essential role in the use of the jerkbait. The power must first be adapted to the weight of the lure. It is therefore according to the jerkbait that the choice will be fixed. But the multipurpose rods can also be used with any lure. So, it is still necessary to find a rod that is all-purpose. As a reminder, jerkbaits can have 3 different sizes: small, medium and large.

For small jerkbaits (6/8cm), a medium light rod can do the trick. And so on for the other sizes (medium: 9/11cm and large: 11/13 cm). But as for the length, you can have a preference according to your size. This is also an important factor not to forget when choosing a rod.