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A baicasting rod for swimbait

A baitcasting rod can be used for a swimbait method. Nevertheless, you will have to pay attention to the power ratio with swimbaits when choosing the rod.

A casting rod is equipped with a reel seat that positions the spincast or baitcast reel above the rod. All the rod guides point upwards. When fighting a fish with this type of tool, the rod leans with the guides up so that the force of the fish pushes the line down on the rod eyes and blank. This configuration prevents a large fish from pulling the eyes off the rod. Long casting rods with straight handles are designed for bass and trolling methods.

A casting rod usually has larger guides to handle the heavier line of baitcast reels. Shorter models with pistol grips and smaller rod guides can be paired with spincast reels filled with lighter line. The combination is ideal for beginners. It’s easier to cast than a baitcast reel.

Practicing swimbaiting with a baicasting rod

Fishing with swimbaits is simple. It consists of casting far with a slow retrieve and repeat. The bait does the rest. The hardest part of swimbait fishing is sticking with it. After a few hours or even days without a catch, it may be tempting to return to more traditional baits. As long as you want to catch more fish, you switch to this strategy. If the objective is to catch bigger fish, we stay with the swimbait technique.

A swimbait rod should be stiff, not for bass, but for bait, which can be tens of grams. Many anglers also prefer longer rods, both for the extra casting distance and the extra hook setting power. Hence the option of using a casting rod.

Choosing the right swimbait rod

Choosing the right swimbait rod is determined by one main factor: the weight of the swimbait being fished. When fishermen refer to large swimbaits, they are talking about baits of 20 to 30cm weighing more than 50 to 200 grams. You simply can’t handle that much weight without a strong rod. Most anglers start with a single casting rod for swimbaits. Beginners start small and slowly increase the size of the baits they cast over time.

A good swimbait rod will not only be capable of casting large baits, but will also have the backbone of a good hook. A strong hook is crucial with swimbaits, as the larger fish you are targeting may have a harder mouth and you will need that extra power from the rod to break through the fish’s skin.