Fishing Tackle

What is a fish trap?

The fish trap is a piece of equipment that has been used since the dawn of time to catch different types of fish. There may be several names given to this equipment, but the most important thing is to understand the operating principle of each fishing net. The fish trap falls into the category of tools for this activity.

The different fish traps

First of all, it is essential to know that there can be three types of fish traps, if we refer to the classic equipment. In the first place, there is the straight net which is composed of a tablecloth. This type of net is used depending on the type of fish targeted, just like the principle of operation of the fish trap. The straight net can catch several types of fish.

Next, we have the trammel net. It is composed of 3 sheets that are mounted in parallel. The size of the meshes differs between the upper and middle layers. The trammel net is mainly used to catch sole, plaice, etc.

Then there is the drift net which is not fixed. It is connected to a vessel with one end. Thus, the fisherman can intervene during the catch to adjust the drift. This increases the efficiency of the net.

Operating principle of the fish trap

Whatever the name given to the fish trap, it is especially important to understand the operating principle of each of them. While the fish trap is a piece of equipment designed to be immersed in water, the fishing net does not work that way. With this equipment, the net dives into the depth of the water, but there are ends on the surface that allow it to be located. That’s why it’s important to choose the right net for the type of fishing you’re doing.

In any case, with these two types of equipment, it is always a passive fishing that is carried out. So, the fisherman just waits for the fish to be caught by the trap that has been set because the net is indeed a kind of trap.

Special mention of the gillnet

The gillnet is a fish trap that is special because it is used to catch a particular species. In this case, the mesh size of the net is specially adapted to this species. Therefore, it is the gills of the fish trap that hold the fish so that the selection can be successful. This implies that not all species that do not fit the criteria will be retained. Generally, it is mostly small fish that are released by the gillnet.

From these explanations, we can conclude that the gillnet is a net that meets very strict standards of use. These rules should not be overlooked when purchasing your fishing net.