How to choose a good casting reel?

The casting reel is an essential accessory in fishing, and you must decide on it according to the needs you may have. There are several models that you can decide to go for. After that, there will be specificities that will make it more suitable for a given use than another.

How a reel works

A baitcast reel as well as a baitcaster is a part of the fishing rod. It will allow to give the quantity of line necessary to a catch. It consists of a spool around which the line is wound, then a reel that allows it to return. Brakes will take place, one physical, and another that is magnetic.

For the reel in general, the architecture should be as simple as possible. That is, the system must be able to function without the need for a large number of parts. When this is the case, it only adds to the weight of the system.

A very often chosen reel from anglers is the Abu Garcia Black Max, which is a baitcast reel engineered with a smoother feel and increased performance for your fishing tours on water.

A casting reel to suit your fishing style

When choosing a casting reel, it is important to pay attention to the details of how it works. In addition, it must be a good fit for your fishing style.

The style of reel and the details that go into it will greatly affect the way your fishing is done. In particular, there are several details of this device that you should choose according to what you need to use it for.

You also can choose a baitcaster reel, the spool of these kind of reels is allowed to rotate at a high speed, releasing line during the cast.

Choose according to the reel profile

The most common profile for the casting reel is the low-profile. The foot is positioned below the spool, while keeping the crank shaft at a similar height to the foot. This format is easier to handle, and is the most common.

The round profile reel is less popular with novices, because it is much less practical. On the other hand, when you know how to handle it well, you will benefit from advantages that are more or less interesting. In particular, it will be possible to have a larger quantity of thread.

Deciding on the ratio

When we talk about ratio for a casting reel, we must understand that it is the speed at which we can return the line. The term ratio is used because it refers to the number of revolutions made by the spool.

If the average is around 6.0:1 and 7.0:1, it’s up to you to decide which ratio is best for your fishing style. A slow ratio is good for fishing for large fish, which are slower to pull. A fast ratio is ideal for more dynamic fishing styles.