How to choose your fishing rod ?

The choice of the fishing rod is essential when you are a fishing enthusiast and when you like carp in particular. The concern is that it is not often easy to find the right length, an important criterion when you are not able to use a boat. To increase the chances of catching carp, this length must ensure a far and precise cast. Everything you need to know to choose the right fishing rod.

How to choose a rod according to your fishing technique?

If you fish from the shore at short distances, such as stalking, a 10-foot rod is recommended. One of the advantages of this fishing equipment is that it is less bulky than other models. This makes it easier to carry and set up. The 10 foot carp rod can also be used if you are using a boat.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of long distance fishing by casting from the bank, the 12 and 13 foot rods are recommended. However, there are a number of criteria to check to ensure that casting distances are optimal. For example, the weight of the lead must be proportional to the power of the rod. The reel should also be equipped with a long distance spool. Finally, the diameter of the line body should be smaller.

Which rod to choose according to the size of the user?

In addition to the fishing technique adopted, the size of the angler is also one of the points not to be neglected when choosing a carp rod. For this, here is everything you need to know:

  • If your height is below 1.70 m: it is then recommended to use rods whose length does not exceed 12 feet or 360 cm;
  • If you are taller than 1.85m: a 13 feet rod is the most suitable.

How to choose a fishing rod according to its design?

Do not neglect this point if you are concerned about the aesthetics of your carp rod. It is indeed a subjective criterion. In other words, it depends mainly on your personal taste. The current trend is the cork handle rod and the duplon handle rod. The advantage of these models is that they have a modern design. The special feature of the cork handle fishing rod is that it combines modern and old school style. It is especially appreciated by carp anglers.

The fishing rod with foam handle, on the other hand, stands out for the fineness of its materials, which displays a sober design.

Which rod action to choose?

First of all, the type of action of the carp rod can be different from one model to another. There are three types of action:

  • The tip action, being effective, but offering very little sensation to its user;
  • The semi-parabolic action, suitable for most fishing situations;
  • The parabolic action, which is less effective, but provides more sensations to its user