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How to use pellets for fishing?

In addition to feeding fish in fish farms, pellets can be used by fishermen as bait for fishing. They are both practical and effective. To ensure their effectiveness, having a quality model is not enough. It is necessary to use them well. In this article, you will find our tips on how to use fishing pellets properly.

What are fishing pellets?

Initially, pellets were used to feed fish raised in fish farms. As a rule, they are composed of vegetable meal and fish meal, which are components that meet the dietary requirements of specific fish. Unlike boilies, a carp pellet is not cooked. It is simply extruded and dried. This way, it does not contain a large amount of oil and is rich in protein.

The peach pellets are easily recognized by their natural color which is dark brown. They can also be found in light brown, yellow, red, green, etc. Of course, there are many colors to choose from.

How to use pellets as bait?

For fishing, pellets are used in 2 ways: as bait and as groundbait. On the market, many types of pellets can be put on the hook. This is effective for both hard and soft pellets.

For soft pellets, you can put them directly on the hook. Of course, this step is not difficult. In principle, this technique is used mainly in ponds. For hard pellets, you need to have some materials like a fine wick and a needle. In this way, it is easy to make a small hole on the pellet carp. To simplify the task, you can choose already drilled pellets. These are available in several choices on the market.

Apart from that, you should know that the use of rubber sheathing remains a very popular solution for many anglers. This consists of making grooves on both sides of the pellet while ensuring that the sheath really locks in place.

Our techniques for using fishing pellets as bait

In addition to the bait method, pellets can be used as bait. For this, you must first place in a feeder which remains an effective solution to use a pellet carp. In principle, this consists in softening the pellet by soaking it in water for about 1 to 2 minutes. This is of course in order to make it stick together properly. This is the most common technique used for pond and river fishing.

The interesting thing about this method is that you can combine pellets of any shape. Also, you can add dry groundbait for more efficiency. However, it is not necessary to exaggerate the dose.