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Which carp rod to choose ?

Are you looking for a rod to catch carp? You should know that such fishing equipment is available in various models. To choose, take your time. It must be adapted to your fishing habits. To find your carp fishing rod , discover in this article the important selection criteria.

The length of the carp rod

This criterion is important when you choose your carp fishing rod. Indeed, the length of the equipment must correspond perfectly to your expectations and your habits. Make sure when you buy the rod that it is well balanced when you hold it. This means that it should have a better size-to-weight ratio. This will not only ensure your comfort, but also the handling of the equipment.

The type of fish you plan to catch

The average weight of carp is between 2 kg and 7 kg. Thus, the use of a more adapted carp rod is necessary. Before choosing a model, you must make sure you know the average weight of the fish. If they are heavy, you will find on the market rods made of solid materials. These rods are not likely to break even if you tease a big carp. On the other hand, if the fish are lighter, you don’t need such rods since they may make you get tired faster because of their higher weight. So, don’t forget to check the weight of your rod when you buy it.

In addition, there is a choice in terms of the action of the equipment. Indeed, it can perform a parabolic action or a tip action. It is up to you to find out which of these models suits you best.

The use of the rod

In addition to the criteria mentioned above, the rod is also chosen according to the way you use it. The model to choose is different depending on whether you use it in the wilderness or in a carp track. The choice is also different depending on whether you prefer crowded spots or the edge.

The budget

Of course, the budget can also become one of the criteria that can influence the choice of a carp rod. Since they come in a variety of models, their price is not the same. The entry-level models are generally cheaper than the high-end models. You should know that a number of parameters determine the price of such equipment: its manufacturing material, length, handling, etc. So, before buying a rod, it may be useful to estimate your budget beforehand.

Also think of that you need to buy a reel for your fishing rod, for example you can take a carp reel as well as a spod reel, if you want to go fishing for carps.

The brand and the after-sales service

There are currently various brands of carp fishing rods. To get the best quality product, it would be ideal to choose a brand that is well known by the general public. In addition to that, it is wiser to benefit from an after-sales service. This allows you to find a solution in case the kits supplied are not compatible with each other.