When to use the Spinnerbait?

Spinnerbait fishing is a very exciting activity that you can practice alone or in a group. If you have a free weekend, you can try the Spinnerbait fishing technique. By using this lure, you are able to hunt predators in lake and pond type waters, but not only. It is a very versatile lure. When exactly should you choose to use this lure?

A few words about the spinnerbait

If lures like the madai and the inchiku come from Japanese fishermen, here is one that comes directly from the United States. Indeed, the spinnerbait is a very specific lure that does not resemble any other type of lure, even if it shares some common points.

In fact, if you’ve ever been fishing with a spinner, this lure won’t be foreign to you at all. On the other hand, it has a more or less impressive general shape. Notice for example that it is composed of a rather voluminous head, a skirt made up of generally very coloured filaments without forgetting the presence of the brilliant palettes.

Types of fish to catch with the spinnerbait

The Americans have developed the spinnerbait to catch fish such as black bass, pike, perch…in short, carnivores. These types of fish are particularly fond of the baits that the spinnerbait is supposed to mimic. The most interesting thing about the spinnerbait is that it is a very versatile lure. Apart from carnivores, it is actually possible to mount other fish.

Suitable water types for the spinnerbait

As already mentioned, the spinnerbait is an all-purpose lure. It’s the lure you need if you’re fishing the great outdoors. When you plan to fish in crowded areas, the spinnerbait can also be used. This lure is not afraid of weed beds, seaweed beds or submerged trees.

The fish you are looking for are present in all these areas depending on the time of day. As you can see, the spinnerbait is designed to fish both on the subsurface and on the bottom. It is thanks to the shape of its lead head that the spinnerbait does not catch on obstacles and that it glides easily.

Thus, the spinnerbait can be used on almost any type of water. If it is ideal for fast prospecting of large areas of water, it is also the ideal lure for power fishing. When fishing in enclosed waters such as lakes, gravel pits and ponds, don’t hesitate to try it at least once.

Also note that the spinnerbait is made for rivers and streams. However, the latter must be more or less calm and shallow. If you plan to fish in waters with strong currents and too deep, you should avoid spinnerbaits.