Where to fish in Tenya?

Tenya fishing is a fairly recent fishing technique in France. Like many lures that are currently popular with fishermen, the tenya fishing also comes from Japan. It is a lure which is quite particular because of its shape and its different characteristics.

The tenya fishing: what is it exactly?

The tenya fishing lure is not strictly speaking a lure. It is actually a lead head of a certain weight. The particularity of the lead head is that it has a conical shape with a flattened head and base. The tenya has a very sharp fixed hook that remains horizontal in the water. It is thanks to this particularity that the tenya allows to lure big shrimps or prawns in their natural position.

Note that the tenya for fishing also has a second hook that is attached to a braid. The purpose of this hook is to increase the chance of hooking the fish. Also note that the tenya is often edited in a rather gaudy color like red, orange or yellow. For this reason, the tenya can be considered as a lure.

The tenya: a lead head made for the open sea

If you want to use the tenya for fishing as it should be, it is in the sea that you will do it. This type of lure is particularly effective when fishing from a boat, vertically. The tenya has a lead head, to use it effectively, you must rely on the weight of this lead. To give you an idea, the tenya is ideally used for fishing at a depth of between 15 and 40 meters.

The use of the tenya for fishing is not very technical, but it is important to choose the place where you will use it. Due to its characteristics, the tenya is recommended in mixed areas. Thus, its use is ideal in areas where there is sand and rocks. You can also use the tenya on the plateaus before the drop-offs. Note that the tenya is very effective. If you don’t feel any bite, it means that the fish are not present.

The tenya: a lead head for sparids

Among all the lures you can use to catch sparids, you can count the tenya. It is worth noting that the tenya is not a lure in its own right, it is mainly the bait that fools the fish. And as you already know, sparids love shrimp. The tenya is designed to allow a very good presentation of the shrimp or prawns in a very natural way.

The tenya for fishing is the lead head of choice if you want to catch sars, pageots, sars or even pollack. It is a very effective lead head and its use is not very complicated. The tenya is suitable for both experienced anglers and beginners.