Fishing Tackle Reel

Which spinning reel to choose ?

A spinning reel is one of the different types of reels you can choose from. Depending on the type of fishing you would like to engage in, this alternative may be the most advantageous. So it may be worthwhile for you to look into the details of this highly attractive reel and not just say, “It’s a Mitchell reel, so it’s a good choice.

Choosing by fishing location

The conditions for fishing will not be the same depending on where you are fishing. So, it is appropriate to turn to one model of spinning reel or another according to this detail. Here, the size is the main element that will have to hold your attention. In addition, it is going to be a question of choosing a more compact model for small or medium water points.

It will not be necessary to use a device that is too large for small fish. Large reels are mainly used for sea fishing. They will come with the right amount of power to catch large fish.

Body material

The choice for the material that goes into the composition of a spinning reel is a point of great importance. It is crucial that the material you choose is well suited to the use you will make of it. Thus, for beginners, it will be possible to turn to resources such as plastic, for the youngest, and graphite for adults who begin.

At the intermediate level, you should turn to alternatives such as aluminum, which is strong but has a significant weight. If you are a professional fisherman, a carbon fiber reel is the best decision for you.

The technical elements of your reel

The handle of your spinning reel is one of the most essential elements. It must have a grip that is most pleasant and practical. In particular, we must pay attention to elements such as a good flexibility of the tip of the handle. In addition to this, the spool of line of your reel also has its importance.

Most often, for the best use of your reel, it is advisable to go for a wide but shallow spool. Finally, there are the brakes, and you can decide on its style of operation or its location on the rod.

Deciding on the bearings

Bearings are going to be an important part of a good spinning reel, especially since they will affect the ratio of your reel. This is the ability of your crank to generate more than one turn of line for each full turn.

The more bearings, the better, and ideally, you need at least 6 bearings. Next, materials such as armored steel and ceramic should be favored. These will have a durability that will be much more appreciable than for the others. The installation of a shield prevents foreign elements from entering the gears.