Carp Fishing Hook

What are the best hooks for carp?

Luck has very little to do with fishing. Besides the flair that comes with experience, there is also the choice of equipment to use. If you want to be effective at carp fishing, you need to know how to choose a carp hook. This article details the guidelines for choosing the best hooks.

Why choose your hooks properly?

Fishing is an activity to be practiced to unwind and kill time. It is the ultimate escape activity, so avoid stress. Stalls are a source of frustration for fishermen. No fisherman can claim to have never experienced this. However, it is possible to limit losses by choosing the right hooks.

Each type of fish behaves differently when hooked, so one way to reduce the number of hooks lost is to use the right hook. To fish for carp, you should choose the carp hook . But this criterion is far from being sufficient, because you have to take into account several other parameters.

The shape of the ideal carp hook

To tell the truth, there is no ideal shape of hook. However, you will notice that the straight shank hook with an inward point is the most commonly used. These hooks are ideal for carp fishing. Moreover, the vast majority of carp hooks have this somewhat classic shape. Why should you choose this hook? It’s quite simple, it’s the type of hook that can resist unhooking.

Next, you have the long hooks with curved heads. This type of hook has the distinction of being versatile. Not only is it suitable for carp fishing, it is also suitable for other fish. The trick is to know how to match it with the right leader and bait. Next, you have the reverse hook which has a rather peculiar shape because of its point which comes out of the axis a little. This hook can be very formidable for carp.

The size of the ideal hook

When you buy your carp hooks, you must also take into account the different sizes that exist. It is very easy to find your way around. First, think about the size and type of bait you will use with the hook. A small bait will require a small hook and vice versa.

For carp fishing, there is no fixed size recommended for hooks. To give yourself the best chance, you can opt to buy several different sized carp hooks to use with several different sized baits. This way, you are more sure to catch carp of different sizes as well. Finally, don’t forget to pay special attention to the eye of the hook. This criterion plays on the alignment of the line with the bait. Thus, it is necessary to choose it according to the fishing technique that you are going to use.