Fishing Bait

How to make baby corn?

There are many ways to catch fish. The most commonly used technique is to use bait. Belonging to the category of pellets, baby corn is a favorite bait for many hunters to attract bream and carp. The interesting thing about it is that it can be made. However, its manufacture requires the mastery of certain techniques. In this article, discover the stages of conception of this bait

What does the baby corn really consist of?

First of all, it is necessary to know what it is really a baby corn. It is indeed part of the big family of pellet carp. It is the most used bait when fishing in cold waters. It remains an efficient solution to catch big fishes like carp.

It benefits from the same manufacturing system as the extruded pellets. What differentiates it, the corn is the main material of composition. It remains an effective solution to meet the protein needs of fish, especially carp. It is mainly used in fish farming.

Having a pale yellow color, the baby corn presents in many forms. Moreover, it is available in multiple granulometries. It can be sticky depending on its type. It also remains able to dissolve less quickly in contact with water.

Knowing the composition of baby corn

As mentioned above, the baby corn has the same composition of an extruded carp pellet except that it is based on corn. Indeed, the conception of this one is made with the help of an extruder. This principle consists in making a rise of temperature as well as a pressure during the conception. This technique ensures a great compactness to him.

The baby corn is especially known for its good richness in oil. Even extruded, it will keep its proteins. The latter are only subject to a small degradation. This is the reason why it is used as a bait as well as a food in fish farming. It is a good product to ensure the good growth of fish.

Instead of using flour, we opt for corn flour to make baby corn. It is added to fish oil, which easily attracts carp during hunting. This can be composed of amino acids as well as other additives like vitamins, calcium, antioxidants and many others.

The steps of designing a baby corn

In principle, the manufacturing process of baby corn is done in a factory that has all the necessary skills. This is the best place to ensure a better transformation of corn into a format that is edible by fish. As mentioned above, this carp pellet is added with different additives. Before the mixing is made easier, the corn meal is moistened with steam under pressure. It is a specific machine that takes care of its compression to create the shape of small pellets. Of course, there are many sizes to choose from.