Catfish fishing

Which fluorocarbon for catfish?

Fishing is an exciting activity that can be mastered through years of practice. With experience, you understand that it is not a question of choosing your line at random. A whole range of parameters must be mastered to put all the chances on your side. That’s why it is very important to choose your fluorocarbon when fishing for catfish.

Catfish: what type of game?

First of all, it is necessary to define what catfish is. The catfish is a carnivore completely edible and is fished mainly in rivers. It has the reputation of having the taste of mud, but above all, we know this fish for its size. This is all we are interested in when choosing the fluorocarbon line to use to catch it.

When we speak about big size, we speak about more than one meter. Indeed, the catfish can reach 2.75 meters long and weigh up to 100 kg. This large size says a lot about the type of fluorocarbon line you need to use to catch it. You should also keep in mind that the rod must be of adequate strength. Pulling out an 80 cm long catfish can already be particularly difficult, especially if you are fishing in water where there are many obstacles.

A strong fluorocarbon with the right diameter

If you want to be sure you can reel in a big catfish, it is important to choose a fluorocarbon that will not break. To do this, you must rely on the minimum diameter of the line you will use. Designed to be strong, fluorocarbon lines are not made to break easily. However, it is very important to take into account the size, weight and strength of the fish you are going to fish with. It is important to understand that the fish will struggle.

With a 0.57 mm 40 lb fluorocarbon, you can already enjoy a fairly good resistance. However, to be sure of breaking on bigger fish, you should turn to 63/100 (50 lbs) fluorocarbon lines. This type of fluorocarbon allows you to enjoy a good lure swim, however, there is still some risk of cutting. If you’re looking for the right compromise, you need a 70/100 Varivas shock leader type fluorocarbon.

An abrasion resistant fluorocarbon

Catfish is a carnivore that is usually caught in deep water. It is therefore very important to have a strong leader in terms of resistance to cutting. In addition, it is essential to have a fluorocarbon line that is perfectly resistant to abrasion.

For this, you should only trust fluorocarbons from reliable brands such as Varivas, Seagur or Berkley. Apart from the strength of the wire, with these leading brands, you are able to choose between different levels of flexibility and different colors of the wire.