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Which carp boilies for winter ?

The interesting thing about carp fishing is that it can be done during all seasons, even in winter. However, during the cold season, it is not easy to catch these fish as they go into hibernation. To catch carp during the winter season, the choice of bait should not be made on a whim. That’s why in this article, we offer you our advices to find good models of boilies for carp during winter.

In what consist of the boilies?

The boilie carp is currently essential to capture carps effectively. It was specifically conceived to correspond perfectly to the food needs of these last ones. Indeed, they are small round balls which are generally cooked with an aim of creating a particularly hard external layer. This has been done to best meet the dietary needs of all carp species. Moreover, these are the type of fish that remain able to bite the boilies properly, regardless of their durability.

In principle, the boilies are made of fish meal. However, there are models that are based on corn meal or chicken meal. Obviously, many are the flavours which are available to you as regards the boilies carp.

The boilie carp appropriate for each season

You will have understood it, the boiled carp exists in all the flavours and the perfumes. It is important to choose it well according to the food behavior and the season of the fish. Of course, this animal does not present the same needs during all the year. It does not have the same behavior in summer and in winter. Especially in the winter season, carp are less active. They don’t need to feed much. A little is enough. However, with the right carp boilie, it is easy for you to catch carp even during the season when the temperature starts to drop.

Thus, it is important that the boilies used are well marked that it is at the level of the size that the color. This way, it is easy for the fish to notice it, which encourages them to eat it. It is also necessary that the boilies are easy to digest by the fish. Its composition must be well thought out.

Other criteria to consider when choosing boilies

There is not only the season which must be considered for the choice of a boilie carp. Indeed, several factors play in role to find the bait which is appropriate to you. Thus, it is you to take into account:

  • The weather conditions
  • The type of water where you will fish
  • The place of fishing
  • The age of the fish to be caught

Knowing these parameters allows you to easily find the best boilies according to its size and flavor. If you are in doubt, the best thing to do is to call a professional in the field. This will undoubtedly prevent you from unpleasant surprises.