Fishing Tackle Lure

How to fish with stickbait ?

The stickbait is a floating lure, elongated and without bib. It often resembles a real fish and is mainly used for surface fishing.

The main difference with the stickbait is the lack of built-in features. Other lures have blades, bibs and other design features. These functional elements help create a swimming action on the retrieve. Stickbaits don’t do anything special. On a direct retrieve with no angler intervention, the lure will return directly to the surface with little or no action. Stickbaits can be combined with other accessories such as floats to imitate a wounded bait.

Fishing with stickbaits relies entirely on the animation of the lure. This may not seem like much, but it’s only when you put a balanced bait in the water that you fully appreciate their potential. Nevertheless, stickbaits are among the most effective and versatile lures on the market.

Fishing with stickbaits using the walking dog

The walking the dog is an animation of fishing with a jerky sliding movement. Consecutive changes of angle of the lure characterize the technique. They are triggered with light pulls of the rod. These changes are obtained by making strokes of the rod, in a progressive and light way. Note that the fishing line is released after each pull. This method is not recommended for beginners because of its difficulty. It requires a synchronization of the progression of the stickbait and the retrieve.

When you execute the walking the dog correctly, the lure moves in a natural zigzagging motion. This has the effect of attracting fish.

The long slide technique

The long slide is considered an amplified version of the walking the dog. The lure still makes a zigzagging movement, but in a wider manner. To perform the long slide, there is a longer pause between the strokes of the rod. Note that these are done downward or to the side. The long slide simulates a dying or tired prey swimming on the surface of the water. This animation is designed to stimulate the aggressiveness of the fish.

The animation in diving

The realization of this technique requires fishing weights. The stickbait embarks internal balls to allow the diving. The function of these balls is to stabilize the lure in a vertical position in order to produce sounds. The balls also allow the head of the lure to dive into the water. The diving is designed to accompany animations such as the walking the dog or the long slide to have more vivacity.

The stop & go is also suitable for stickbaits

The stop & go is also an animation to simulate the movements of a wounded prey. It allows stickbaits to swim like a wounded fish. The method requires consecutive stops in a random way. It can be a sequence of diving or other techniques such as the long slide or the walking the dog.