How to fish with a jig?

Fishing is a field that never stops evolving. Thanks to this evolution, many techniques as well as many materials are invented day after day in order to allow fishermen to live their passion fully. And among the most appreciated techniques, we can quote the jig fishing. It is a fishing technique that is practiced at sea. It has seduced a large number of fishermen because of its simplicity.

What is jig fishing?

First of all, let’s start by knowing more about the origin and the techniques used during a jig fishing trip. You should know that it is a technique that comes from Japan. It was developed by Japanese fishermen. If you are familiar with the jigging technique, you should know that the Jigging is considered as the improved version of this method. To achieve this technique, you simply drift fish by moving your jigs vertically from your boat. It is due to its ease that jig fishing has seduced a large number of fishermen. Opting for this method offers you the possibility to easily catch noble fish such as the lean, the denti, the liche or the big bass.

Equipment needed for jig fishing

A good fisherman must have the right materials for his fishing trips. For this technique, you will need a rod that is flexible, strong and powerful. Opting for this type of rod will allow you to enjoy a great speed of execution with good precision. Also, opt for a reel with a higher ratio to allow you to make an excellent strike. This is also the best solution if you want to enjoy a good retrieve. You can also make a success of your jig fishing with a traditional lure rod with a 2500 size reel. It would also be important to use a 300 m braid and very flexible to facilitate the passage between the rings. The braid must be equipped with a calibration system. We recommend that you choose a model that can change colors.

Choose your jigs well

We also recommend that you do not forget the lures. During a game of Jigging, the lure used is the jig. The choice of your jig should not be taken lightly. You can choose between different models, but choose according to your materials. Some fishermen also opt for the rubber jig. The rubber jig is a type of lure that is used to fish for bass. A rubber jig is a lure shaped like a crayfish. Using this type of lure attracts the attention of this type of fish. The rubber jig technique also appeals to many anglers. However, it requires much more experience.